Amy's Signature Massage...a therapeutic and relaxing combination of techniques and modalities accumulated over my 10 years of experience, tailored to meet your specific needs.

30 Minute..........$55.00

60 Minute..........$85.00

90 Minute..........$115.00

120 Minute..........$155.00

SPECIAL VIP PRICING- Any client who has been in for a visit within the past month will automatically receive $10 off of their treatment.

The "WELCOME MASSAGE" session is available to all first time clients. It's a full 1-Hour Massage for ONLY $50.00. And, to me an hour is 60 minutes of massage time, NOT 50 minutes (like some others do)!

CHAIR MASSAGE- A seated massage usually ranging from 15-30 minutes in length. The client is clothed and the focus is usually on the back, neck, and shoulders. Chair massage can be performed in a variety of locations. Some businesses have chair massage performed on a regular basis. It also might be done for a single event such as a corporate party, or maybe as a fun little part of a girl's weekend.


$1.00 per minute (5 minute minimum)


$1.00 per minute (5 minute minimum)**

** There is a setup fee of $30.00 for any off site chair massage event. A mileage charge may also be charged depending on the location of the event. Inquire with Amy if you are interested in hosting a chair massage event.